Business coaching za najbrže rezultate


Coaching je vrsta kontinuiranog profesionalnog odnosa koji pomaže osobi polučiti visoke rezultate u poslu, karijeri i organizaciji unapređujući pri tom i kvalitetu života.

Sometimes the things that limit us are so “small”, like hiring a mentor, but too overwhelming to deal with without any help. 

Many people do not have an expert advising them in their decisions when starting their business. But a mentor can give novice entrepreneurs sincere constructive criticism and support, making the entrepreneurial path seems a lot less lonely.

Does this sound like you? I am here to listen to you! 

Osnovne faze u coachingu:

Planiranje ciljeva. Raspravljanje o trenutnom nivou postignuća sa serijom coaching pitanja. Utvrđivanje i potvrđivanje pravca budućih aktivnosti. Primjena dogovorenog uz podršku coach-a i utvrđivanje postignutog.

Solve your problems with my help!

120 USD

My main mission is to help you grow your business faster. It doesn't take 5 or 6 years to have a profitable and stable digital business.

It's going to work like this
Introduction form

We are going to take advantage of this one-hour session minute by minute, so I will ask you to fill out an introduction form prior our meeting. This way I will know how to best guide you.

Video call

During the call, I listen to you and advise you about the things you must improve, what tools you really need and how you can optimize your processes to improve the connection with your community and increase sales.